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Underworld Shaiya Private Server


Server Rate: 200x
EP4 Style
Make HM to unlock UM mode.
Max Gear: Goddess Gear.
Max Lapis: 6/ Ele Lv1
Potion/Lapis/EXP Remove Pill 255 Stackable
No Enchant/Absorb
Free Points by the minutes
Dragon Bosses HP is halves
OI open 24/7 2 party restriction.
GRB Sat. 12pm PST.



Asmo/Knight/Anky/Astaroth/Ajuha/Elekid/Elemental Cave/Ruber Chaos/Kimu/Fantasma/Cloron/Rapioru/Paros/Freezing Mirage/Haruhion

Drop Lv6 Lapis/Sky City Legend/Goddess Weapon/Chance of Goddess Armors.

Mini Bosses in Map2: Legend 30 Helmet/Cap
Mini Bosses in Map3: Legend Helmet/Cap

Map 1:
Drop Lv1 Sonic/Flash/Horizon and Snowboard
Cloron/Fantasma Lair: Worship Accessories and Lv40ish legend weapons
15 pvp zone: worship/heroic/dread gears/weapons
Cornwell's Ruin/Argilla Ruin

30 pvp zone: Legendary weapons/armors
Fortune coin Lv3 and LapisLv4
Fedion/Kalamus' House: Helmet Lapis
Parros/Maze of Rapioru
Maitrayen / Aidion Neckria: drop Legend 36-39 armorweapon and heroic accessories set
Elemental Cave / Ruber Chaos drop legend 43-46 armors and dread accessories set

Map 3:
Drop Lv5 Lapis/
Stigma/Aurize Ruin

Map 4:
Pando drop Pre Ele 55 Weapon
Lanhaar drop Pre Ele 55 Weapon

Map 5:
DWater :
D1/D2: Legendary 50-53 Armors/Weapons

Drop Rare mount/Rec Runes Relic Mobs drop Lv6 Lapis

Duals and 58 armors

Bosses higher rate

Duals and 58 armors
Bosses higher rate

Deep Desert 2:
Accessories Lapis/58 set armor

Oblivion Island:
Drop pre ele Lv56 Bosses drop pre ele Lv59

Caelum Sacra:

Drop Legendary Accessories set

Sky City:
Boss dorp Lapis Lv6/Legend/Goddess Weapon
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